Sunday, March 30, 2008

Heres' the sort of style guides I was making for Eddy Houchins in 2001 or 2002 when he directed the Animated Mummy for Universal. I learned this forumla for fire from Dorse Lanpher in 1982 when I worked for him at Don Bluth Studios. Dorse worked on Sleeping Beauty so you can go back and see the lineage. I had just finished making effects style guides for Disney's Three Musketeers (those shipped to Australia), Nickelodeon's Invader Zim( shipped to Korea) and the Hey Arnold Movie, and few other projects like God the Devil and Bob (Philipines). Except for Osmosis Jones and the pleasure of animating slime and bodily fluids with the likes of Michel Gagne, work between 2000 and 2006 was mostly making style guides to show overseas studios in Korea or Tiawan or the Philippines or even Germany how to do "classy" effects the way I had learned to craft them from working on something like 25 films. It was just about the time I made this Fire torch model sheet that you see here that I finally made the decision that I should go into teaching here in the local market, in Los Angeles, because I realized that I was basically outsourcing all the knowledge that I had worked twenty+ years to acquire. When 2d finally makes its comeback, I wanted to have afew friends in LA. I tell my animation students the first day to get their passports ready because they will probably find work in other countries. Here someone animated this and made a gif. Nice to see they actually gave credit to my drawings/animation as "inspiration."

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Les Blog more Art said...

Kathleen.. thanks.. please post more style guides for effects. ...this is valuable education for EFX animation lovers..everyhere! your fan, Les