Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More water animation

Here's some more water animation I did for Pagemaster.
I'll edit a demo together eventually.

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David Nethery said...

That's some beautiful looking water effects animation!

Actually , I'll have to go rent "The Pagemaster" again. If memory serves that's a movie where I think the parts were greater than the whole and the story never really came together in a compelling way, but there were some sequences with some really nice animation (efx and character) that deserves a second look.

Thanks for posting these clips.

If you've got the DVDs and are putting together a demo reel try the application called HandBrake for getting the stuff converted over to high-quality MP4 files for editing in Final Cut or iMovie, then you can burn the completed demo reel onto a DVD or post lower-res files on the web (YouTube or whatever) .