Monday, May 23, 2011

That craaaazy bg in this blog

Perhaps you might wonder why the crazy background. This was a pattern I designed for Old Dominion Foils back in Richmond Virginia. They were the patent holder of that groovy, shiney diffraction foil that you see on hot rod decals  and such. This pattern, and several others I designed for them were printed into the clear mylar that covers the foils using the sublimation ink process. Sublimation process turns the ink into a gas which is heated and fused into the clear mylar that covers and protects the foil.
These  three color patterns ( with overlap to produce six total colors) were printed into huge rolls of diffraction foil. I wish I could have spent alittle more time with Drury Baughan who invented these processes. He patiently explained everything to me at his manufacturing plant, explained as much or more than I could comprehend, Drury, with his inventions, became a pioneer in the Holographic field. He was one of my very first bosses, and I was sad to hear he passed away in 2002.  I worked for him for about a year, making decals, cartoons to print on the diffraction foil and these patterns.   It was a big jump up from helping to print tee shirts for BlueGrass Festivals, which was something else I was doing back before I started animating.

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