Saturday, May 24, 2008

2d water animation

1993 Once upon a forest. Water Animation . I used to have xeroxes of the drawings of the water I animated for this scene. But one time I put the drawings in my portfolio, and when my portfolio was returned ... the drawings were gone. Here's 2 clips of some of the water I animated.


onnasama said...

wow, what a nice effects (and traditional!), i remember saw this movie when i was a child, i was looking how to make water animations (since i have not study animation because in my country i don´t have the possibilities) but i always like it. Too bad you lost your pics, those kind of things happens to the talented people all the time =_=

Jason said...

Hi kathleen
I love your effects work, its perfect!
I'm currently working on an animated film that i'm using flash and aftereffects to create. In the film I have a big sea storm scene in which a boat capsizes. Do you have any tutorials or past work that you could show me?
many thanks

Kathleen Quaife said...

Jason, The best book I can rec on WAVEs is over on my recommended reading list
It's WAVES by Steve HAWK

Also Disney's Alice in Wonderland has always been a great inspiration fro Water animation for me. Not too busy or complicated, but altogether effective.
Another book that is helpful is

How to Draw and Paint Wave Action, Ht244 (Paperback)
by Irene Lumgair (Author)
also listed in my recommended books list.

All the best and thanks for checking out my blog. I'd love to see your film when you're ready to show it!
I'm mostly posting things I dig up here on my blog.
I have a friend Roger Blonder who did some Award Winning water animation using Aftereffects>
check it out here