Monday, May 26, 2008

California Raisins Michael Jackson

Chris Casady had to go to Annecy to show his independent film so he left me to animate this pixie dust for this job he subcontracted from Will Vinton. I got to meet Will Vinton, who actually danced out the scene (for me) to show how and where he wanted the Pixie Dust to appear. Now that was a fun day at work. When Casey Hunt did a hoola dance to show me how he wanted some effects to look in an Amp commercial it kind of reminded me of Will Vinton.


casey @ said...

haha! WHAAAAT?!?! thats amazing. I totally didn't see that shout out coming.
Ive been subscribed to your blog for a while now, and im always lookin at the latest posts. weve got a bunch of kids in the studio right now, and we were just oohing and aahing latest water animation post. so good.

thanks for the shoutout. keep posting work! classic stuff as always! i remember these commercials from when i was a wee lad. awesome!

Tim Szabo said...

Great blog! A rare and inspirational resource. Definitely good bookmarking material. Its hard to find out information about FX animation if it is your interest because nobody really teaches it and its kind of a "black art" and isn't covered much in animation books. I always feel like I have to apologize because I enjoy the unusual scenes that have FX in them. Nice to see some others like those crazy shots too. Amazing work!

Kathleen Quaife said...

hey thanks you guys.
I'll keep posting since I know at least 2(peeps) is watching.

(that's what Casey would say "peeps")