Friday, June 06, 2008

2d cigar smoke

I animated the cigar smoke here. The cool thing was I got to meet my good buddy Len0rd Robinson while I was animating this smoke, because Len0rd had animated the character. This was like, a million years ago, for the Filmation Feature unit. Bruce Heller did a great job supervising that FX unit, and managed the crew with very clear articulate art direction and his dept delivered everything On time and On budget. We kept the quality high for the effects, despite the limited budget. I think that effects animators usually take their job pretty seriously.


David Nethery said...

Nice smoke !

I remember that very well. (and hey, who can forget rap master Ed Asner ?) .

I actually had a few short Scowl shots in a different part of the movie that Lenord gave me to animate . He was/is such an encouraging guy and great teacher.

Geez, that's really starting to seem like a long time ago now ... gadzooks.

Anonymous said...
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