Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wish for wings

I animated these water effects for "Wish for Wings" For Amblimation. 1991
Skip Jones directed the made for TV special. Peggy Regan was the  producer; based on the book by Berkeley Breathed.
Actually I animated most of the 2d drawn effects in the show.
I shared a room with Allen Foster, who tricked out the "special" effects.
Good times were had by all. Oh to giggle like that again....


Andrew said...

Cool! I wonder what Opus and Bill the Cat are up to these days. Kickin' back in Santa Barbara, I imagine.

Nubian Greene said...

I hope to be close to this by the time I graduate!

LeighaPanelli said...

Wow, Kathy the splashing is addicting to watch. That sounds like a lot of fun. You have a great style