Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Roy Story
My Roy Story: Somewhere around the year 1997 I had inherited a dog, a lab and shepherd mix. For various reasons I was unable to keep the dog, and took a bold move to send a global email to everyone at Disney Feature Animation where I was working, something like
" Good Dog, Free to Good Home."
The email I received in reply was from Roy Disney's Secretary who told me Roy wondered if I could bring thedog to his home so he could meet the dog. Roy had recently broken his leg and wanted a canine companion... just that tall... to sit next to him so he could pat the dog on  the head.  So I did bring the dog to meet Roy  and his wife in their  home.  They offered us (I brought my young son Max with me)  great warm hospitality.  We had coffee and conversa
tion sitting in their den which opened to a large yard with a pool... and the dog... who had never seen a pool before... was overcome with the lab instinct in him and ... proceeded to jump into the  pool and demonstrate his nature as a true natural swimmer... I was unable to persuade the dog to come out of the pool... eventually the dog tired of swimming...And Roy helped us dry off the dog, with abundant towels and great humor. We all  had a good laugh. Roy made us feel very comfortable and welcome... The dog proved a  little too spirited to be his companion  during the rehabilitation of Roy's broken leg. But I will never forget this time with Roy, a  man who could have paid any price for a pedigree dog , but was interested in an orphaned  animal who needed a home. When people talk about how down to earth Roy Disney is, was... this is the sort of thing that they mean. imho.


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What an amazing story. He seemed like quite a guy. Thanks for posting this!